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Pocket centralised conveying systems

The EXA series extends the proven reliability of the three-phase loaders introducing a specific application dedicated to the multicomponent working bay. The EXA series is a flexible automatic conveying system capable of managing up to six material receivers, the relevant line cleaning valves and ratio valves.

The EXA load system has the features of the older brother ONE WIRE 3 system.



  • Flexibility
  • Pocket centralised systems
  • Super reliability

One Wire 6
Adaptive conveying system

Maximum efficiency and self-calibration in conveying systems represent the primary needs of the modern plastic processing industry. Needs finally today satisfied by ONE WIRE 6, the only patented intelligent system available on the market able to define and maximize the amount of granule to be delivered thanks to the exclusive VIBE technology. ONE WIRE 6 is equipped with artificial intelligence and does not need to be programmed as it is adaptive and recognizes and sets the transport parameters in a fully automated way. Moreover, during the system extension, ONE WIRE 6 is self-configurable and automatically recognizes the new client.

  • Adaptive conveying
  • Dual-zone supply
  • Easy system extension

One Wire 3
Centralised conveying system

ONE WIRE 3 is Moretto centralised system logic. The main feature includes the easy installation (single cable bus structure) and immediate extendibility of the network backbone of our centralized systems. A single ONE WIRE server can control up to 80 receivers and 8 suction units. An intelligent control system that allows to program and control the system by any point of the network by the Master 300 removable palmtop. ONE WIRE is very reliable, thanks to the success of over than 5.000 installations.

One wire touch version is very user-friendly thanks to the 10” coloured touch screen display.

  • Self-configurable system
  • Dual-zone supply
  • Easy System extension

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