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Piping & Flexible Hoses

For the construction of centralised conveying systems different solutions are available for every need.

The rigid pipelines are preferably made of stainless steel and polished internally. They are supplied with different diameters according to the quantity to be loaded. The flexible hoses are in polyurethane, equipped with antistatic copper and realised according to Moretto standards; they are internally devoid of roughness.

For plastic granule and powder conveying different bends solutions exist with several radiuses of curva­ture. The wear-resistant version can convey material with up to 40% glass fiber with 5 years warranty. The bends for the granule transport are realised in curved steel with core and they are treated internally with ultrasound washing. Versions in Pyrex are also available.

Quick Connections

The quick connections are specifically designed for easy connection of the flexible pipes to the equipment. They ensure a hermetic seal by use of a techno polymer gasket.

The stainless steel version is dedicated to the optical and food industry and it does not use any gasket.

Pipes Connections

A series of connections realised in stainless steel with laser technology and extreme precision, suitable for assem­bling the conveying system pipelines.

Y connections are suitable for the realisation of conveying systems featuring a single pipe for each material. The widened connection allows to draw effectively from the main pi­peline without any risks of obstructions.

The Y deviation equipped with pneumatic control is the ideal solution for automatic feeding systems featuring a dedicated pipe for each material. The deviator grants a maximum efficiency conveying without any risks of pollution and/or stagnation inside the pipes. The joint is utterly constructed in non-toxic material, therefore suitable for food and medical applications.

Line cleaning valves

The line cleaning valves are predisposed for material pipelines emptying at the end of the cycle. In this way, every cycle has the maximum efficiency, avoiding the risk of obstruction of the conveying pipes.

Antiblock slide gate valves

Antiblock, butterfly and guillotine slide gates are useful to intercept the falling flow inside the hoppers. The pneumatic and manual version are available.

This series of “compass” gates are suitable for closing the granule column with no jamming or blockage.

Pipes Couplings

Bilock is a coupling with double fastening, dedicated to the sealing of plastic granule transport piping which avoid materials mixing with dust in piping junctions.

Tilock is a system for vacuum line configuration in centralised transport systems which enables time savings during installation and maintenance operations ensuring stability over time.

The Trilock pipes couplings are designed to guarantee a perfect joint in the conveying system. Made of techno-polymer, they are equipped with anti-slide blocking systems and hermetic seal systems for vacuum. Trilock fixing system avoids the sliding of the joint, eliminating the risk of contamination of the joint gap.


Quick Collars

The PT collars with elastic collar are dedicated to the pipes fixing in the centralised conveying systems. Thanks to this particular collar, the pipeli­nes remain untouched, without crushed parts in the fixing point, assuring a perfect surface for the flow of the granules.

Antiwear combs

The combs for manual sorting units are suitable for connecting multiple machines with the same material. Special attention has been paid to designing enlarged inserts to improve the granule flow and increase system performance.

Suction Valves
AV C - AV F - AV S

The suction valves allow the suction of granules with the fine regulation of the fluidification. They can be inspected and thanks to this feature, cleaning is very simple. The insulated suction valve is specifically designed for the handling of very hot materials.


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