UNI - MULTI Combi chillers

The COMBI chillers are designed with a modular concept for extension. COMBI is equipped with high capacity insulated tank. All the models are equipped with an independent double pump. The C.O.P., the coefficient of performance factor, is 6 and it is synonymous of high energy efficiency.

Moretto has engineered RC combi series chillers to bring you the best results possible. Energy efficiency is provided by the scroll compressor, the double circuit design and centrifugal fans. MULTI version features two refrigeration units.

RC COMBI are MOWIS ready.

  • High efficiency
  • Long corrosion-free life stainless steel construction
  • Double circuit and pump

Modular chiller

The big quantity of energy needed for the cooling processes of transformation requires very efficient and extremely flexible systems. The scalability of the refrigerating power allows the reduction of energy consumption; realizing a cost reduction of two percent digits.

The screw compressor is equipped with a continuous control of the refrigerant flow rate that varies according to the real need of the system and allows to minimize the number of the compressor starts realizing the best C.O.P. The robust evaporator, generously dimensioned, allows to obtain a higher energy efficiency level. The hydraulic circuit is closed loop and is equipped with double pump, one for the internal recirculation between tank and evaporator and one for distribution to users. These machines distinguish themselves for being suitable for the most demanding situations. This cooling system is featured by modularity up to 6 units which allow the customer to get a system tailored on his real needs and ready to be easily expanded at any time. A touch view interface allows easy operation and control.

X COOLER is MOWIS ready.

  • High C.O.P.
  • Extraordinary efficiency at variable loads
  • Modularity

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