Small-Medium Hot Air Dryers
EH A V - EH AC V series

The hot air dryer units in the EH series are compact solutions designed for the effective treatment of non-hygroscopic thermoplastic granules. Temperature is electronically regulated by pulses train with solid state relay. The VIEWER permits an easy control. A special on-hopper configuration makes them very compact machines.

11 different configurations with TS hoppers available.

  • Easy VIEWER control
  • Solid state relay
  • Inside back filter

Hot Air Dryers for Crystallizers
EHK V series

The EHK V series is suitable for hot air drying large quantities of material. It is equipped with process turbo compressors and guarantees high performance with reduced energy consumption.

EHK is used for the treatment of flakes or regrind post-consumer PET and is designed for demanding applications where the highest crystallization quality is required.

  • High pressure air generator
  • Precision PID control
  • Solid state relays

Medium-High Hot Air Dryers
EH V series

These machines are suitable for large quantities of non hygroscopic polymers drying. The unit is positioned on the floor, at the machine side and the hopper can be installed directly on the processing machine, or on a mezzanine.

11 different configurations with hoppers available.

  • High pressure air generator
  • Precision PID control
  • Solid state relay

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