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Kastor grinders

Thanks to the implementation of stainless steel blades and the absence of obstacles to cutting, the GMK low-speed granulator ensures uniform and constant granulation, eliminating any miscut and minimizing the dust formation.

Its compact structure allows it to be placed next to the IMM, thus optimizing production spaces.

GMK includes a large cutting chamber and a more compact motor that allows to increase the production reducing energy consumption and noise pollution.

  • Low-speed grinder
  • Low dust formation
  • Maximum inspectionability

Uni-multiblade grinders with variable speed rotor

Rotor grinding speed distinguishes the Variant series. A proper device allows to reduce the rotor speed for grinding soft materials like PE polyethene and PP polypropylene blow moulded, especially sprues with hot core.

The greedy cutting chamber allows to take hollow bodies, bottles, obtaining a regular regrind material without dust.

The Variant grinders are built with inclined blade version. All the grid holes are flared in the lower side, in order to support the regrinding material discharge, reducing the dust creation. Variant can be equipped with rotor cooling.

  • Variable rotor speed
  • Scissor cutting action
  • Insulated stainless steel hopper

Uni-multiblade grinders

GR grinders series are characterised by low noise level. They are specially fit for the use at the side of the injection moulding machine. The grinders, with a sturdy construction can grind also moulded pieces recovering sprues and production wastes.

They are completed with a range of accessories like cyclone, collection drawer, injector for proportional valve and inclined screw that allows to satisfy every need. The GR grinders series are developed in seven sizes and six versions for different applications: Uniblade, Multiblade, wear-resistant, cooled, raised, soundproof.

  • Scissor cutting action
  • Greedy cutting chamber
  • Insulated stainless steel hopper

Large capacity grinders

These machines, with a large grinding capacity, are built to withstand heavy-duty applications.

They are suitable for use in waste recovery department. Three and five blade rotors with scissors effect cut are standard equipment on the ECO series. The ECO series can be inspected without use of tools.

Thanks to the balance device, the hopper is easily openable for cleaning and production change. The screens are flared for optimal discharge, thus increasing the productivity and reducing the production of dust.

  • Scissor cutting action
  • Roto-time safety
  • Opening without tools

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