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Bags manipulator

Lifter is dedicated to the handling of plastic material granules in bags. It is calibrated on the weight to be lifted and the flotation point is adjustable, making the handling easy for the operator.

Lifter is equipped with a handgrip with integrated control for an easy use. It is installed on a double rail, over the defined working site. Compass devices are available for the extension of the range. The vacuum unit is noiseless -76 dB(A) – and can be installed in manned site. Thanks to the modular structure, Lifter can be extended afterwards, guaranteeing the investment during the time.

  • Flotation point adjustment
  • Expandable modular construction
  • Productivity increasing

Octabins & Big-bags unloader

Oktobag is an innovative and unique machine, designed for the automatic unloading of octabins and big bags. Oktobag supports octabins with a maximum height of 200cm. It works by hooking the bag with four pliers, using gravity to keep the bag tightened. In this way, the material is kept in the middle of a bag where it can be drawn by a probe.

Complete bag emptying is easy and automatic without any material loss or operator activity, due to the WAVE movement of the arms.

  • Gravity pliers
  • Independent arms
  • WAVE movement

Big-bags filler

RBB is suitable for treating chips, flakes and regrind material. The system allows automatic filling operations of the bag with no need of handwork and avoiding any loss of plastic granules.

The system is easy to operate thanks to the bag supports, the bag insufflation device and the hermetic bag locking system.

  • Bag insufflator
  • Full bag sensor
  • Positioner (SKY version)

Gaylord unloading device

Moretto TLT Tilter is the system suitable for the complete emptying of gaylord and/or octabins by means of a suction device.

The gaylord and/or octabins positioning is extremely simple and is carried out using only a pallet truck, Moretto Tilter is ready to use in just one minute.

The system structure complies with current safety regulations. No operator intervention is required during operation.

  • Gaylord complete unloading
  • Easy-to-use
  • No maintenance needed

Thrust loading groups up to 50.000 kg/h

CLK groups are dedicated to the filling up of big size silos. Equipped with Roots pump and can load big quantity up to 40.000 kg/h. This series of machines is very flexible according to the employment condition and it disposes of three free sides around the hopper for a better accessibility.

The CLD version is able to transport up to 50 tons of plastic granule per hour. The CLD thrust loading groups work up to 2 bar of pressure thanks to the particular compressor profile. The rotary valve is with variable capacity for using the pump capacity fully. The machine is soundproofed and can be palletized. These groups have been realized for unloading tank trucks, containers, tanks and for the loading on silos up to a height of 20 mt.

  • Airlocks valve with variable capacity
  • Frequency drive control
  • Three open sides-easy accessibility

Big-bags unloader

Baggy is suitable for the use at the process machine side. It has been developed to allow the big-bag discharge by falling and it has a modular structure that allows treatment of different bag size. When it’s not used, BAGGY is easy to disassemble and is stackable, reducing the space at the minimum quantity required.

  • Accumulation tank
  • Detachable, stackable
  • Modularity

Big-bags unloader

The big-bags are largely used for the commerce of plastics in granule, powder or scales, but they have not standard dimensions.

The equipment for the treatment of the big-bags must be adaptable according to the situation. The SBB 15 can contain bags up to 1.500 kg. On these machines, poorly flowing materials such as regrind and/or scales can be treated through the application of bridge-break devices, shakers, pulsed suction probes. Electrical hoisters can be applied. It is a complete machine, for every need. The version for the treatment of the regrind scales or bottles scales is available. The structure of the big-bag unloader is modular and telescopic to be adapted according to the bags dimensions.

It can be realized with electrical hoister for the loading operation of the bags.

  • Modularity
  • Bag opening safety ring
  • Bridge-braker application

Octabins/Gaylords unloading system silos

Oktomatik is indeed, our most amazing storage handling solution so far exists to empty gailord and octabins quickly and safely in full automatic mode. Oktomatik combine rugged frame and mechanical movement expertly designed to achieve best-in-class numbers as each unit is able to handle 12 tons/h.

Oktomatik features a smart controller and allows custom programs and easy and intuitive interface. The control of the system can be easily managed by both the operator or by MOWIS 3 supervising & management system 4.0 in centralized and fully integrated conveying systems.

The high visible Info Light panel well positioned on the higher parts of Oktomatik provides immediate information on the working status to the user.

Oktomatik is a Moretto patented design.

  • Throughput 12 tons/h
  • One power
  • Safety operator device

Thrust loading groups up to 12.000 kg/h

The thrust loading system groups are dedicated to load indoor silos from bags, big-bags and octabins. Equipped with a frequency drive control adapting for specific production requirements ensuring maximum efficiency. Throughput up to 12.000 kg/h with CLS.

  • Adaptability of production
  • Rotary valve with variable capacity
  • Three open sides for an easy access

Vertical Mixers

Vertical mixers are suitable for mixing plastic granules with other products such as masterbatch additives or regrind material to obtain a uniform mixture.

A range of vertical mixers specially designed for plastic materials. The product range of 12 different models varies from 200 to 20.000 dm3 filling capacity. On request the machine can also be supplied in stainless steel. The design is neat, without stagnations and gaps. The containment internal pipe improves the mixing quality. Particularly rugged construction with large doors and no gaps for quick easy cleaning.

An adjustable inlet at the base of the cone ensures lifting and mixing of all the material.

  • Recirculating valve
  • Bag-breaker screen
  • Fountain effect

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