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DLF - Automatic manifolds

Dolphin is specifically created for material-machine allocation in plastics conveying plants. Each arm is independent and managed by a pneumatic cylinder, thus ensuring a very efficient and reliable easy-to-control automation system. Models available from 2 to 36 in-out.

  • Maximised flexibility
  • Tailor-made investment
  • All-in-all

Manual manifolds

The manual manifold allows to increase the connections up to six machines on the same material. The comb connections can supply from three to six machines at the same time. Thanks to the modular structure, the manifolds can be extended in a later time.

TLC can be provided with material decoding system.

  • Modularity
  • Quick connections as standard
  • Easier material flow

Authorized Distributor of the market leaders in the production of automated systems for the plastics processing industry.

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