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Kasko Compact
Three-phase compact hopper loaders

The three-phase KASKO COMPACT receivers are dedicated to the vacuum conveying of plastic material in One Wire 3 three-phase conveying systems.

These machines have a compact design and they are entirely made of stainless steel. The filter’s autonomy increases significantly thanks to the Vortex effect. They are equipped with the assisted an opening which makes it more ergonomic and safer for the operator.

  • Vortex effect
  • Compact version
  • Automatic cleaning filter

Kasko Slim
Three-phase slim receivers

Space-saving version of the exclusive KASKO SKY Series hopper loaders suitable for the direct installation on the dosing systems.

This version features the high productivity of One Wire systems even when a significant footprint reduction is required.

  • Reduced footprint
  • Easy system extension
  • Assisted opening system for complete safety

Kasko Sky
Three-phase receivers

The exclusive KASKO SKY receivers are the perfect solution for centralized transport systems connected to the One Wire server.

This machine is completely made of stainless steel to guarantee complete non-toxicity. Extreme safety thanks to the servo-assisted opening of the cover. Greater efficiency is guaranteed with the Vortex effect. The machine is prearranged for the installation of the proportional valve for the direct recovery of the regrind material.

The system can be connected to the Master K and Master 300 handheld devices.

  • Vortex effect
  • Assisted opening system for complete safety
  • Highly visible LED light

Kasko Large
Large High productivity receivers

The LARGE series receivers are designed to convey large quantity of plastic material and they are specifically engineered for chips, flakes and regrind material treatment.

The larger double eye-lid discharge valve is the main feature of this project: it empties the receiver only in three seconds increasing the throughput up to 30%. The cyclone geometry improves the loading capacity through the vortex effect.

Specific models for talc and powders are available.

  • Large discharging valve
  • Cyclone effect
  • Heavy duty stainless steel (AISI 304) constructio

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