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Side Channel
Material conveying up to 160 m

The VS series side channels suction units are equipped with high efficiency pumps and are very reliable over time. Together with Kasko receivers they create a very efficient system for the conveying of plastic granule in large quantities and for distances from 120 to 160 m.

With a modular design, VS can be equipped with extra devices depending on the application requirements – Vortex filter, Bypass valve, Duo valve, cooling ring.

VS requires little floor space due to its modular and compact structure.

High efficiency performance with low operation sound level 72 dB(A).

  • Compactness
  • Modular design
  • High performance

Conveying of high quantities of material over long distances

Roots suction units are suitable for demanding heavy-duty work, over long distances and high quantities.

They are high-performances units with noise level below 85 dB(A).

They can be equipped with soundproofed box in case of installation in department.

  • High performance on long distances
  • Up to 600 mbar
  • Version with sound box

Heavy-duty application for material conveying up to 270 m

Claws suction units operate with high vacuum level. Especially designed for heavy applications, this suction unit is used for heavy materials and powders for distances up to 270 m.

The special pumping system efficiently maintains performance even for long distance.

High efficiency performance with low operation sound level 75 dB(A).

  • For heavy duty applications
  • High efficiency
  • Low sound level 75 dB(A)

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