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Portable chillers

MINI series chillers maintain high standards of energy and functional efficiency. The solid stainless steel construction guarantees long duration over time. The reduced dimensions allow installation at the side of the IMM obtaining at the same time a high energy efficiency. They are equipped with a hydraulic circuit with automatic loading, circulation pump and insulated storage tank, as well as a filter and pressure gauge already in the standard version.

RC MINI are MOWIS ready.

  • Long corrosion-free life stainless steel construction
  • High energy efficiency
  • Insulated storage tank

Smart cooling in blow film application

The ideal solution for the cooling of blown film applications on extrusion systems. The performance of the turbo compressor allows for gradual and fine airflow adjustments. The automatic regulation assures stability independently from the ambient conditions.

  • Cooling in blown film application
  • Adaptive fans speed
  • Constant operation

Portable chillers

Their small footprint allows installation in the department and beside the injection moulding machine. The solid stainless steel construction, which guarantees long duration over time, contains a dual circuit system equipped with high efficiency compressors, centrifugal fans with ductable inverters, condensers with a high heat exchange capacity and coil exchangers “Made in Moretto” with an increased efficiency. The electronic expansion valve ensures operation stability and energy saving. The RCS MINI series joins the major X COOLER series and inherits the great advantages in terms of precision in temperature management, waste reduction, productivity increase and great energy efficiency even for small and medium units installed beside the injection moulding machine.

RCS MINI are MOWIS ready.

  • Long corrosion-free life stainless steel construction
  • High efficiency compressors
  • Integrated tank

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