The most advanced Drying System in the world

In 2014 the evolution of ∑UREKA technology led to the PLUS system, featuring the innovative Moisture Meter Manager.

Thirteen years of studies have resulted in the most advanced drying system on the market, capable of reaching a reduction in consumption of up to 56%.

EUREKA PLUS is composed by 4 elements:

  • X MAX
  • OTX

Original Thermal eXchanger

OTX is an exclusive drying hopper designed with a special patented geometry and unique thermodynamic properties that allow for optimal drying performance. The result of a dedicated R&D project undertaken to revolutionize how resin is physically dried, OTX, shifts the paradigm in conventional hopper design and operation. OTX controls the granule flow and dramatically reduce residence time, airflow and hopper capacity assuring the most homogeneous drying treatment.

By installing Moisture Meter BOX under the hopper, it shows the residual moisture in p.p.m. of the drying resin leaving the hopper before its transformation. When using OTX hoppers, hopper capacity needed will be 30-40% less compared to the one of a standard insulated hoppers in the market (i.e. OTX 180 dm³ = 300 dm³ standard insulated hopper in the market). Each OTX hopper is finished with our Spyro shockproof covering, an integrated back filter, viewer, an enlarged door and with 100 mm. of insulation is suitable for applications up to 200°C.

Large units are equipped with an openable cone to facilitate easy for cleaning and maintenance. They can be fitted on trolleys or modular frames for easy connection to external pipes, filters and heating groups or on modular mezzanines to optimize the use of space in the processing areas. The OTX series comprises 27 sizes ideal for any kind of need.

  • Uniform drying treatment
  • Superior mass flow characteristics
  • Spyro shockproof external finishing

Perfect drying management

Moisture Meter MANAGER is the 4.0 revolution in the drying of the polymers. No tool can compete nor offer production certification with maximum energy efficiency like Moisture Meter Manager does.

The moisture control is absolutely accurate thanks to the exclusive “Power Peak technology”. The delta measurement between initial and final moisture of the granule in the hoppers inlet and outlet allows the system to manage the dryer’s working conditions maximizing the process performance.

MM MANAGER integrates the dryer in an adaptive system as outlined by the 4.0 Project of Smart factory. A such structured process, with Moisture Meter Manager, achieves incredible results in terms of efficiency. Moisture Meter MANAGER scans the material every two seconds and provides grain quality reports with regular frequen­cies for each piece or sample. Production is certified piece by piece. It has a 10’’ HD colour touch view and friendly operator interface.

MM MANAGER has connections: Ethernet, USB, Serial RS485. It’s MOWIS ready.

  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Certified production
  • In-line moisture control and management

Modular Dryer

X MAX has a modular design developed for large systems. With the cou­pling of the modules, X MAX can serve systems up to 370.000 dm³. The X Technology increases the performance of X MAX, reducing the energy consumption to a minimum. Each unit includes a turbo com­pressor made in Moretto, a widespread zeolite bed and a Dew Point Control device. A local PLC with colour touchscreen display provides a simple and intuitive interface.

The X MAX units can be assembled with a minimum of 3 units and a maximum of 10 units. The variable airflow adjusts automatically according to the needs of the process, avoiding thermal stress on the polymer and changes to the viscosity. Each unit is regenerated in rotation; while one unit is in regeneration, the other units are in process simultaneously.

X MAX dryers are MOWIS ready.

  • Constant performance
  • Maintenance on the fly
  • Extreme modularity

Automatic technological air distribution

Flowmatik is a dedicated to the technological processing air distribution for multi-hopper applications.

By setting data on each hopper, the system controls and manages automatically the process and realises a perfect close loop. The airflow dedicated to each hopper is accurate thanks to a direct measurement of the airflow itself (not through indirect variables) and calibrated dynamically. FLOWMATIK manages the process variables too. The system includes the AN­TISTRESS system to protect materials by thermal stress.

Setting requires only two parameters:

  • Material type
  • Throughput

All the rest is automatic.

Flowmatik is MOWIS ready.

  • Air-o-Dynamic
  • Optimize energy usage
  • Antistress system

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