OTX Series
Original Thermal eXchanger

OTX is an exclusive drying hopper designed with a special patented geometry and unique thermodynamic properties that allow optimal drying performance. The result of a dedicated R&D project undertaken to revolutionize how resin is physically dried. OTX shifts the paradigm in conventional hopper design and operation. OTX controls the granule flow and dramatically reduce residence time, airflow and hopper capacity assuring the most homogeneous drying treatment.

By installing Moisture Meter BOX under the hopper, it shows the residual moisture in ppm of the drying resin leaving the hopper before its transformation. When using OTX hoppers, hopper capacity needed will be 30-40% less compared to the one of a standard insulated hopper in the market (i.e. OTX 180 dm³ = 300 dm³ standard insulated hopper in the market). Each OTX hopper is finished with our Spyro shockproof finishing, an integrated back filter, viewer, an enlarged door and is suitable for applications up to 200 °C.

Large units are equipped with an openable cone to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. They can be installed on trolleys or modular frames for easy connection to external pipes, filters and heating groups or on modular mezzanines to optimize the use of space in the processing areas. The OTX series comprises 27 sizes ideal for any kind of need.

OTX together with X MAX dryerFLOWMATIK airflow management system and Moisture Meter MANAGER create EUREKA PLUS the most efficient automatic drying system in the market.

  • Uniform drying treatment
  • Efficiency +66%
  • Spyro shockproof external finishing

TS series
Insulated Hoppers

The TS series insulated hoppers are entirely made of stainless steel to prevent internal deterioration that often characterize standard hoppers on the market and, consequently, the possible contamination of the treated material.

Each TS hopper is finished with our Spyro shockproof coating and with thick ceramic fiber insulation is suitable for applications up to 200 °C. The VIEWER device displays the machine state and working temperature. TS hoppers are available with inspection door for cleaning operations.

  • Stainless steel construction AISI 304
  • Ceramic fiber insulation
  • Spyro shockproof external finishing

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