MOWIS Supervising
Supervising and Management System 4.0

MOWIS is a self-configurable integrated supervising and management system with object-oriented programming. It is the ideal tool for remote control of complex systems in real time.

The user simply creates the layout of the department autonomously and follows the evolution of the department. The clone of the department is an advantage for the immediate and total visualization of the plant.

MOWIS allows the supervision of the plant status and of each connected unit. The system is structured with a solid Modbus communication network. It is a multi-user platform based on a server, its configuration allows to operate on various levels for different functions, managing different password levels.

The ETHERNET connection supplied, as standard, ensures the connection for remote service. Remote control is also possible through wireless connection.

Mowis controls all equipment and systems in the plant with dedicated modules:


Customised platforms for process control can be integrated in the MOWIS project.

As an example:

  1. Mould control: automatic mould recognition.
  2. Barcode control: univocal material identification.
  3. RFID: automatic phase recognition.

These modules enable the elimination of the human factor, guaranteeing a certified process and a controlled quality.

  • Full control and management of the plant status
  • Open integrated system
  • Remote assistance

MOWIS E-Service
E-service and maintenance programs

Our goal is to stay alongside our customer throughout the life cycle of his investment, helping him to optimize the use and performance of Moretto systems and to ensure their complete efficiency at all times.

In addition to the continuous phone technical assistance service, MOWIS LINK module allows remote supervision by Moretto technicians. Remote technical assistance allows the customer to quickly receive diagnoses on the status of the machines, software updates, reset of functions, checks and interventions in case of alarms and/or anomalies. In the implementation of the intelligent factory assumptions, an effective tool able to ensure complete control and efficiency of the systems should not be missing.

To have a plant operating at peak efficiency at all time we provide maintenance programs tailored on customer’s needs. Different levels of maintenance programs are available; please contact our team to find the best solution for your asset.

Through a preventive maintenance, the customer benefits of:

  • Energy savings
  • Enhancing performance and lifespan of the equipment
  • Prevention of unexpected problems and production outages
  • Costs control
  • Retain quality

MOWIS Reporting
Reporting and data exchange

MOWIS data are elaborated using graphs, pie charts and analysis diagrams for process efficiency and performance control. MOWIS is an open system based on Windows. Data and reports can be exported to different applications, Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), SAP for an integrated management of raw materials and resources.

MOWIS does not require any maintenance agreement.


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